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ICMR's Drone

The Health Minister announces the launch of the ICMR's drone-based vaccine delivery model.

Swiftnlift Staff 15 hours ago

Technology And Innovation Hubs

The Indian government intends to establish 75 science, technology, and innovation hubs.

Swiftnlift Staff 15 hours ago

IIT-D is Developing Catalytic Technology

India is heavily reliant on imports for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), with chiral molecules accounting .

Swiftnlift Staff 15 hours ago

Fab, A Rapid Prototyping Facility, Has Opened At C-CAMP.

The facility is inaugurated by Dr. Renu Swarup, Chairperson of BIRAC. BIRAC has established a national facility

Swiftnlift Staff 15 hours ago

Twin Health Raises Rs 1 Billion To Combat Chronic Metabolic Diseases.

Twin Health, based in the United States and Chennai, has announced Rs 1000 crore in Series C funding

Swiftnlift Staff 15 hours ago

Why India ought not focus on the net- zero outflows target?

A few states begin apportioning Covid immunizations as inventories dwindled.

Experts say the RBI's current policy is supportive of economic growth and that liquidity policies are moving in the right direction.

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