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Lingel Windows And Doors Technologies Private Limited

Welcome to the world of Lingel Fensterbau GmbH & Co. KG, where excellence in doors and windows is our legacy. With a rich history dating back to 1959 in Ellwangen, Germany, Lingel has emerged as one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of premium fenestration solutions. Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has propelled us to great heights, and today they proudly operate two state-of-the-art manufacturing units in Ellwangen and Lichtenstein.

In 2006, Lingel made its grand entrance into the Indian market, establishing its head office in Rajasthan. Since then, we have spread our wings across the country, setting up sales offices, dealer networks, and experience centers to cater to the diverse needs of valued customers. Unveiling the curtain of mystery, Dr. H.C Mario Schmidt, the mastermind behind Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited, unveils the hidden gems of our company, sharing the secret that sets Lingel Doors & Windows Private Limited apart from the rest.

Q.1 Can you provide a brief overview of the history and establishment of Karl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH & Co. KG in Germany?

Karl Lingel Fensterbau Gmbh & was established in 1959 at Ellwangen, Germany. Since then, Lingel is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality doors & windows in Europe Lingel has two manufacturing units one is in Ellwangen & second is in Lichtenstein and has 60 plus years of experience in fenestration In India Lingel set it foot in 2006 with its Head office in Rewari, Haryana and has its presence Pan India through its sales offices, dealer and experience centres. 

Q.2 How has Lingel evolved over the past 60 plus years to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality doors and windows in Europe?

Customers look for sustainable niche fenestration solutions and at Lingel we are able to provide them the solutions they need.  We are able to provide luxury material such as German wood. Lingel started manufacturing products out of wood which was abundantly available. Till date, wooden products remain one of our largest verticals in Germany. Today, we offer diverse options and have built two fabrication facilities, one in east of Germany another in west of Germany, where all of the manufacturing and production work happens.We are also very soon opening our manufacturing unit in Romania to meet the growing demand that we are unable to fulfil from our German headquarters, but it also allows us to further expand our manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing needs of the European market.

Q.3 What motivated Lingel to enter the Indian market in 2006, and how has the company’s presence in India grown since then?

I began my adventure and fell in love with the world of fenestration in 1994, after completing my mechanical science studies.I made the decision to delve more into this field of study and started my quest. 2006 saw my arrival in India. The UPVC sector was only getting established, and there weren’t many players. Since many people were unaware of UPVC, it was crucial to educate the buyer.I had to start from scratch and slowly assembled a team; many of them are still employed by Lingel and hold important positions. We gradually extended beyond Rajasthan to other regions of India. We currently rank among India’s top 5 fenestration brands.I have over 20 years of experience in the Fenestration Industry. I was  the youngest General Manager ( factory head ) in the window and door field within my German state.I became the Managing Director at Lingel India in 2006 and Plant head director Lingel Germany since 2018.One must always have a very clear vision and goal in mind because the road to success is never easy. The journey has been wonderful and prosperous under Mr. Lingel’s guidance. I would like to credit him as a great leader and mentor for my accomplishment.Since we set foot in India we have our sales offices and experience centers across all major cities. We have expanded our dealer network and looking to expand further with like minded channel partner who wish to grow and be a part of our family.

Q.4 Can you describe the infrastructure of Lingel’s head office in Rewari , including its size and capacity?

Lingel manufacturing unit in Kapriwas Rewari, Haryana. It is around 125,000 sq.ft and Production capacity 14.000 units /Month. All fenestration requirements are met under one roof UPVC and Aluminium.Lingel has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. The factory is divided into two parts: The left wing is for aluminium production and the right wing is for UPVC production, and both are straight units so that there is a continuous flow of profiles and finished material from the backend and front so that no time is wasted in making additional storage.The roof has provision for solar panels, which can be installed at any point in time and which we plan to implement in 2024–25.We also have our rainwater harvesting programme, where the rainwater will be collected and used in different ways.

Q.5 What are the various fenestration products offered by Lingel in India, and how do they cater to different customer requirements? Could you provide more details about Lingel’s niche products such as Glass Conservatories, Venetian Blinds, Roller Shutters, Window Sill, awnings, and others?

Here are some fenestration products that Lingel offers:

Lingel German wood:

These windows are termite resistant and completely customisable. The added advantage of Lingel wood is that it is designed like an upvc or Aluminium window. It is made with same hardware locking and sealing and made in Germany

Glass conservatory:

The glass conservatory can be made with UPVC, Aluminium or even wood. The walls and roof are usually made of glass for easy penetration of sunlight. The Glass Conservatory needs to be designed, planned and executed very carefully in India.

Lingel Security Windows:

Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety box (LSB) is the perfect combination on glazing and hardware. And provides complete security.

Roller Shutter : A roller shutter can prevent the sunlight from hitting the glass directly and thus reduce the heating of the room by 75%. It provides complete water tightness and complete insulation. The roller shutter can be manually and automatically operated. The three options are spindle, motor and belt.

Venetian Blinds: It operates on a rolling mechanism (crank based/ pulley based).This is mounted on the system inside the window aperture, or on the existing window frame. Ideally, it can be attached to the existing window from outside. There are no operations or general maintenance required.

Awnings: It stops the harmful sun rays from falling directly into your house by 98% in summer.You can use it to your advantage in winter by retracting it. It is low maintenance and easy to care for. Awning creates a relaxed feel to your home and it a great ad-on

Window Sills:Window sills are an integral part of the building’s structure. When the rain water hits the wall, it will    flow down and dirty it. But in the window sill area, where usually the windows are fitted in the centre has a 2 to 4 inch of a horizontal plain area, which protects it from getting dirty. Window sill is widely used in Europe. You can choose colour options to match it with the colour of the window. You could go in for lighter shades to darker shades to match the outer walls.

Inbuilt Grills:The inbuilt grill solution is a very unique solution which provides complete security. It can be      completely customized.

Mosquito mesh: This can be inbuilt, keeps other pests out and is sleek. There are 3 options: pleated mesh, roller mesh and shutter mesh.

Skylight: Lingel is known for the various skylight projects. Lingel Skylights provides day lighting and ventilation. These can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Q.6 What sets Lingel apart from its competitors in terms of product quality, innovation, and customer service?

The company’s wide range of products include:

  • High-end timber or wooden windows
  • The Glass Conservatory
  • Window Sill
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Roller shutters can be operated manually or automatically.

Lingel has released a gamut of new products, including snow white-colored windows. The product consists of white foil on the white uPVC surface, making it appear the whitest of the whites. Given the colour, the company has ensured the cleaning process is easy and effective.

Aluminium System 6.0, launched in 2017, is, in our opinion, the most aesthetic aluminium system available in India. As the design is similar to that of a wooden or uPVC window, we can use the complete uPVC hardware range. The options available are entrance doors, sliding and folding solutions, casement opening windows, lifts, and slides.We also offer with our system Hueck a thermal broken high- end Aluminium solution for the best possible heat insulation. These windows are produced in Germany, and the final product is imported.Our Oakwood (timber) windows, which are made in Germany, are known for their texture and classic look.We have also launched our finest product, which is the perfect combination of glazing and hardware, the Lingel Panzer Glazing (LPG) and Lingel Safety Box (LSB).

Customer Service

  • A free professional consultation will be followed by a quote.
  • Free project planning and design consultation
  • Specialized site inspection and site supervision is free of charge
  • We provide the best solutions that are high on standards at affordable rates
  • We update ourselves every moment to be at par with the advancements that happen in the fenestration industry. By doing so, we are able to pass on the benefits of our knowledge to our customers.
  • We have also installed a variety of hi-tech machines from Germany, and our team is trained in Germany according to the standards necessary.
  • We work on fair payment terms.
  • A dedicated sales team is provided for every customer who sees the project from the start until it is completed. Lingel’s expertise lies in residential-individual projects—flats, houses, villas, apartments, duplexes, and small, medium, and large housing projects, as well as commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, and resorts.

Q.7 Please elaborate on Lingel’s security window solutions, namely LPG and LSB. What are their key features and how do they enhance home security

To keep your brand relevant, one has to always innovate and be aware of what will attract thebuyers towards the products. At Lingel we are selling many niche products that customerswould like to add to their home or office to not only add panache but also to add the element of safety. Glazing and hardware options have improved. Even the locking options have become better and an awareness needs to be created. The Lingel Security Windows were introduced keeping in mind the combination of perfect glazing , hardware and locking system. The glazing plays a crucial role as any burglar can enter into a home or office by just three hits on a laminated toughened glass . This glass will roll like a dosa and provide no security. The ordinary laminated glass can be pulled out like a fabric curtain. Anyone can break through the lock in a normal multipoint with 90 sec whereas entering through the safety Box is as close to impossible. These are some innovations that Lingel has brought forth for its customers.

Q.8 How many employees does Lingel have, and what roles do they play in ensuring the success of the brand?

We have about 300 employees at Lingel which includes members at the manufacturing unit. We have area heads for each region, sales managers, installation team, quotation team , accounts team , Human resources, Special trainers , IT dept , customer care and more to ensure everything works in sync .

Q.9 Could you share some of the notable product and industry-related awards that Lingel has received over the years?

We recently launched five new products:

  1. Motorised skylight
  2. Roof window
  3. Roof balcony cabrio 
  4. New handle selection
  5. New powder coating finish

Personal Awards:

    • Marketing Influencer of the year
    • Marketer of the year
    • Top 50 Marketer of the year
    • IDEA Marketer of the year
    • The Brand Story- India’s Top Minds
    • Company awards to name a few
    • Gold Winner Design Wall 
    • India 5000 Best MSME Award
    • Prestigious Brand Rising 
    • Best Product Launch of the year
    • ZAK awards 
    • Realty + Inex – Trusted Brand of the Year
    • Brand of the Year 2020- Chosen by consumers
    • Realty Marketing Minds -Best Product Launch
    • Idea social media brand campaign of the year

Q.10 What is Lingel’s vision and approach when it comes to customer satisfaction? How does the company prioritize customer needs and ensure timely delivery?

For over six decades now Lingel has been catering to customers in Germany and Europe. InIndia, for almost 16 years now, our journey has been tremendous in terms of growth and expansion. We see ourselves not just growing in the number of customers we cater to but also with thenumber of innovations that makes us a market leader. We believe that customers should always have enough options to fulfil their fenestration requirements. Almost 60 to 70 % of our customers are reference customers and so we can very proudly saythat our customers trust us making our journey in the country a very fruitful one. Over the last 17 plus years in India we catered to various landmark projects and the executions of these projects has helped us win many industry awards.

We have over the years been a very responsible brand that ensures that the environment is always take care of. Campaigns to waive off carbon footprint and educating the youth with skill have all been on our list. Some year, we also started our first Lingel Training Academy that ensures our team is totally skilled. Our special trainers are from Germany. This training is given to the team to ensure that the customer can get the correct information about the product. 

Our customers are free to write to me directly at my email address We also have our strong customer care to ensure that service is attended to. Most of our senior team members have been there with us for over a decade and this ensures smooth functioning of the system. For us customers always come FIRST.

As we draw the curtains on this enchanting journey through the world of Lingel, we invite you to embrace the extraordinary. With our legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and unwavering dedication, we have redefined the possibilities of doors and windows. From our humble beginnings in Ellwangen to our flourishing presence in India, Lingel has carved a path of excellence, driven by our passion for customer satisfaction. We stand tall as a testament to the power of vision and the pursuit of perfection. So step into a realm where beauty, functionality, and innovation converge, and let Lingel be the gateway to a world of limitless possibilities for your spaces.

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