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Through the Lens of Time: Devarshi Pathak's Captivating Journey of Shutter Success

In the enchanting world of photography, where fleeting moments transform into timeless memories, there exists a luminary whose lens weaves magic and captures the essence of life’s most treasured moments. Meet Devarshi Pathak, the visionary behind Shree Hatkesh Photo, a legendary photo studio that has been illuminating lives since its founding in 1991. With an innate talent for capturing beauty and emotions through his camera, Devarshi’s journey of success has been nothing short of extraordinary. As we delve into the depths of his incredible career, we unravel the tale of an artist whose passion for photography has touched countless hearts and left an indelible mark on the canvas of time. Step into a world where pixels dance with memories, and frames narrate tales of love, laughter, and the splendor of life, all under the creative mastery of Devarshi Pathak.

1.Can you tell us about the journey of Shree Hatkesh Photo since its establishment in 1991? What inspired you to start this photography company? : 

 I would admit that it was nothing like “BACHPAN SE MUJE PHOTOGRAPHY KA BADA SHAUK THA” ‘I AWAYS WANTED TO BE A PHOTGRAPHER” BLAH BLAH BLAH.. NOTHING LIKE THAT. BUT THAT ONE COMMENT “TUMSE NA HO PAYEGA” WAS THE IGNITING POINT. It was winter of 1987 at Rajkot, Gujarat, India. My friend and I visited a renowned photographer of our region. It was my friend’s desire to make a career in photography, I had just accompanied him. We offered our services to assist him but he refused stating reason that we did not possess any artistic qualities. Even as photography assistants we were not as good. We felt bad it was a bad night for both of us. My friend accepted the ‘verdict’ and chose another path. Though I was not inclined to photography or any other art I spent sleepless nights thinking “what was lacking in me that all artists had”? Hum Kahe nahi kar sakte? I told myself, if I did not have an artist in me, I will create one. To pursue my new dream I started assisting a local photographer, free of cost, but learning the technique of good photography. I also went to a local coaching studio for theoretical knowledge, but soon left it as I had started believing that true school of photography was out on the streets, amidst mountains, in jungles and among millions of people around me. I left my ‘teacher’ after three years and started my journey as an Independent professional photographer. I know it sounds bit filmy but that’s the truth.

2.Shree Hatkesh Photo offers a wide range of services, from Video Advertisement Shoots to Aerial Photography. How did you come up with the idea of diversifying your services, and what factors influenced these choices? 

When one is settled in a business he or she would explore around. I was from a small town / city so I started looking up with photographers from metros and other big cities. How they work? What difference can I make in the industry? As you know change is the only thing which is constant. I told myself if I don’t bring change I will not grow. I used to see films and imagine myself with the camera. I was not interested in story, songs or even actors but camera shots, angles, lighting etc. The urge to offer something new year by year was the driving point in diversification and expansion. 

3.Corporate Films and Short Films require a creative approach. How do you ensure your team stays innovative and continuously delivers unique and engaging content to your clients? 

We study the company – its products.  The best part of the preparation is to enact the role of the CEO or MD of this particular client’s company. If I was him / her what would I expect? I pass on my vision to my team. Every member of my team is allowed to opine. We will note down the inputs and discuss.

4.Event Videography can be challenging due to its dynamic nature. How do you manage to capture important moments effectively and deliver high-quality results under time constraints?

In this business when you have to shoot live, there is no second chance – no re-takes, so before we start any project we have several meetings with the clients and my entire team. In office we have regular meetings with the staff / technicians. I make them understand how important a particular client is. We divide roles and each one of us stick to the plan. – this is the key.

5.Product & Industrial Photography demands attention to detail and precision. How does Shree Hatkesh Photo ensure that clients’ products are showcased in the best possible way to attract their target audience? 

This is tough, I admit. We study the Company-Products and Market. We talk to CEOs down to Manager to even workers. We have to literally learn the art of selling the product and their potential buyers. You will be surprised to know that while discussing I have at times suggested few marketing tips and they have happily accepted it. This happens in fewer occasions but it does.

6.Restoration Work is a specialized service. Can you share some of the most memorable and challenging projects your team has worked on in this domain?

Restoration is really difficult because though the client has given you a certain photograph but still he or she has one in his or her mind too. We have to match that. After all emotions are attached with the old photographs and we have to respect that too.

7.Aerial Photography is gaining popularity in various industries. What are the key considerations and safety measures your team takes when conducting aerial shoots? 

TRAINING. Hours of dummy training. Human errors are bound to occur but as they say “More you sweat in peace less you bleed in war”

8. Live Streaming on social media platforms like Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool. How do you ensure a seamless live-streaming experience for your clients and their audience? 

 We need internet connection for live feed. We have invested in Live Bonding Encoder and other equipment. We keep ourselves updated in terms of our equipment, always.

9.Over the years, the photography and videography industry has witnessed significant technological advancements. How has Shree Hatkesh Photo adapted to these changes to stay competitive in the market?

Our industry is governed by ‘Quality of finished product / services”  We ensure that the end result is more than expected, each and every time. And to do this the key factors are procuring advanced equipment and training of team members. Price is very important but quality of services tops.

10.Client satisfaction is crucial in any business. How do you and your team go the extra mile to exceed your clients’ expectations and build lasting relationships? 

Open book approach. We do not sell our services – we make them buy from us. We never promise stars – but do deliver them. I am a strong believer in team work. My team should have feeling as if they are owners and responsible to deliver quality services. Once you develop that feeling 90% of your job is done. I just need to ensure they stay focussed and do their job. 

In the labyrinth of life’s endeavors, where dreams and aspirations interlace, Devarshi Pathak’s photographic odyssey stands as a testament to the power of passion and determination. With each click of his camera, he has painted a vibrant tapestry of human emotions, preserving them as immortal fragments in the annals of time. From humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of excellence in the world of photography, Devarshi’s journey has been a symphony of inspiration. As we bid adieu to this captivating tale of talent and triumph, we are reminded that the pursuit of one’s passion can spark a fire that illuminates not only our own path but also the lives of those we touch. So let the legacy of Shree Hatkesh Photo forever echo, inspiring generations to seek their own creative destinies and find the magic that lies within the art of capturing moments that will live on for eternity.

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