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The Dynamic Trio of Pet Care Pioneers: Nandini, Rohini, and Pushkaraj - Unleashing Tails, Technology, and Tremendous Love!"

In the bustling city of Pune, India, a visionary team led by Nandini Kulkarni, Rohini Sasturkar, and Pushkaraj Sasturkar has created an online haven for pet parents., founded in 2021, is a technology-driven platform that offers a comprehensive ecosystem of pet care, all under one roof. With a mission to provide convenience, personalized services, and a wide range of products, Tailshire has quickly become a go-to destination for pet parents seeking top-notch care for their furry companions.

The Power of Technology in Pet Care: harnesses the power of technology to transform the pet care landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge innovations, this platform redefines the way pet parents access products, services, and consultations. With just a few clicks, pet parents can effortlessly navigate through an extensive array of offerings and design a personalized subscription model tailored to their pet’s specific needs.

A Unique Subscription Model:

One of the standout features of is its subscription model, offering a seamless and convenient way for pet parents to access a variety of products and services. By designing a customized subscription plan, pet parents can ensure that their furry companions receive regular supplies of essential products, such as food, treats, toys, and grooming supplies. Additionally, the subscription model extends to services like veterinary consultations, training sessions, and grooming appointments, allowing pet parents to maintain a holistic approach to pet care.

Personalized Care and Unmatched Convenience: recognizes that each pet is unique, with individual needs and preferences. Through their platform, they provide personalized recommendations based on a pet’s breed, age, size, and specific requirements. This ensures that every product and service offered is tailored to enhance the well-being and happiness of each beloved pet.

Furthermore, simplifies the lives of pet parents by bringing all their needs under one virtual roof. From accessing high-quality pet food to scheduling veterinary appointments, pet parents can find everything they need with utmost convenience. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it effortless to browse through the vast selection of products and services, saving pet parents valuable time and effort.

An Ecosystem of Care: goes beyond mere transactions and aims to create a supportive ecosystem for pet parents. Alongside their subscription model, they provide valuable resources, such as expert advice, educational articles, and interactive forums, allowing pet parents to expand their knowledge and connect with a like-minded community.

The Directors Behind the Vision:

Nandini, Rohini, and Pushkaraj, the visionary directors behind, form a dream team that embodies passion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to transforming the pet care industry. Their shared vision is fueled by a deep understanding of the needs and desires of pet parents, as well as a genuine love for our furry companions. With Nandini’s strategic thinking, Rohini’s creative flair, and Pushkaraj’s unwavering dedication, they bring forth a harmonious blend of skills that propels to new heights. Together, they lead with a contagious enthusiasm, ensuring that every pet parent who turns to experiences the highest quality of care, convenience, and personalized attention. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and their deep-rooted love for pets, Nandini, Rohini, and Pushkaraj stand as the driving force behind, spearheading a revolution in pet care, one wagging tail at a time. has emerged as a trailblazer in the pet care industry, providing a technology-driven platform that caters to the unique needs of pet parents and their furry companions. Through their subscription model, personalized recommendations, and comprehensive range of products and services, sets a new standard for convenience and care in pet parenting. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and a team of visionary directors leading the way, has quickly become a trusted name in Pune, India, and beyond, offering peace of mind and enhancing the bond between pet parents and their beloved pets.

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