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Do you ever stop and think about where your food comes from? Sure, you might pick up your fruits and veggies from the grocery store or your local farmer’s market, but do you know how those crops were grown? Were they doused in harmful chemicals or were they grown organically? At PM Biotech, we know that sustainable and organic farming practices are the future of agriculture, and we’re on a mission to make it a reality!

Founded in 2019 by Mr Mahesh Mane, Mrs.Prajakta Dhas, and Mrs Pooja Mane, PM Biotech is a team of experts from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for environmentally conscious farming practices. With a focus on organic farming and exports of residue-free organic produce and products, we are solving the problem of the market and quality supply of agricultural inputs.

Our products are created using waste resources like crop residues and non-edible oil seeds like Neem and Karanj. By creating useful agro input products from these resources, we reduce waste management and pollution problems from cities and villages. We also mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from growing industries and create a new option for farmers to earn income from their crop residues and agricultural bio waste. This is not only increases farmers’ incomes but also increases the availability of good quality organic fertilizers for all farmers.

But that’s not all! PM Biotech is also developing organic and natural wellness products for personal healthcare, animal care, and organic cosmetics, all based on the principles of Ayurveda. Our aim is to offer a complete range of organic and natural wellness products that address critical health problems like cancer, BP, diabetes, stress management, antipollution, joint pain, hair fall, skin problems, weight management, and more.

Our package of application returns carbon back to the soil, which would have been released as CO2 into the atmosphere. This ‘carbon-negative’ process can help to control global warming. Plus, our products increase nitrogen and other important nutrients encouraging microorganisms to thrive in the soil, thus increasing soil fertility. And the best part is our products are cost-effective compared to others because they are made from waste material and crop residues.

At PM Biotech, our slogan is “Poison-free farming! Debt-free farmers!! Disease-free India!!!” and we stand by it. We are focused on farmers’ trust and development, and we want to empower them for tomorrow with renewable energy, making them energy independent for increasing farmer savings and incomes while contributing to climate change mitigation.

In conclusion, PM Biotech is not just a company, it’s a mission to make a positive impact on our planet and society. With a team of experts and a commitment to sustainability, we are constantly innovating and creating high-quality organic products for the betterment of agriculture, the environment, and humanity. Our mission is to empower farmers, promote chemical-free farming, and create a healthier and happier India. Join us in our journey towards poison-free farming, debt-free farmers, and disease-free India!

So, if you’re looking for quality organic products that are good for the environment and good for you, look no further than PM Biotech!

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