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Dhara Mehta- Founder

“Unlocking the Magic of Play: Discover the Enchanting World of Learning with The Kids Company!”

In 2013, Dhara Mehta, founder of The Kids Company (TKC), embarked on a journey that would revolutionize early childhood education. What started as a spark of insight during her sabbatical from the corporate world while raising her son, soon transformed into a mission to bridge the gap between play and learning. This article delves into Dhara’s inspiring story and the evolution of TKC, a service that emphasizes the importance of play as the highest form of education. From the inception of the board game module to the introduction of the Creative Lego Module and the recent launch of the Online Learning Module, TKC has touched the lives of countless children, both locally and internationally.

The Power of Play: A Vision Takes Shape

Observing the routines of mothers and children, Dhara Mehta realized that play was often viewed as a form of relaxation or a break from learning. However, as a mother herself, Dhara understood that play was, in fact, the best educational tool for children. This insight ignited a spark within her, fueling her determination to create a service that would merge the realms of play and learning. Despite skepticism from others, Dhara believed wholeheartedly in her dream.

To further her understanding of early childhood education, Dhara pursued a formal course in Early Childhood Care and Education. She also gained practical experience by working in a daycare cum activity center. The combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience reaffirmed Dhara’s belief that early childhood education should prioritize enjoyment and play, as they are crucial ingredients for a child’s development. After nearly a year of dedicated work, Dhara launched The Kids Company in 2013.

Expansion and Innovation: Introducing the Creative Lego Module

At its inception, The Kids Company offered the Board Game module, providing children with engaging and educational board games. However, Dhara recognized the immense potential of Lego as a tool for fostering creativity in children. Incorporating Lego into a curriculum and structured classes proved to be a challenge, as Lego is an open-ended toy. Undeterred, Dhara engaged in hours of Lego play and became a Certified Lego Education provider.

With her newfound expertise, Dhara introduced the Creative Lego Module, which quickly became a hit among both the children and the parent community. The module allowed children to explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness through hands-on Lego activities. By integrating Lego into the curriculum, TKC offered a unique learning experience that captivated children’s imaginations and facilitated their holistic development.

Touching Lives: The Impact of TKC’s Programs

Over the years, The Kids Company has touched the lives of numerous children, not only locally but also internationally. Families visiting India on holiday have attended TKC sessions, benefiting from the engaging and educational programs offered. Responding to requests and aiming for greater accessibility, TKC launched the Online Learning Module in 2020. This expansion allowed children to continue their educational journey with TKC from the comfort of their own homes, regardless of their geographic location.


The Kids Company, founded by Dhara Mehta, stands as a testament to the transformative power of play in early childhood education. Dhara’s vision and unwavering belief in the importance of play as the highest form of education have shaped TKC into a thriving platform that combines enjoyment with learning. From the initial board game module to the innovative Creative Lego Module and the recent introduction of the Online Learning Module, TKC has nurtured the growth and development of countless children. With its commitment to play-based learning, TKC continues to inspire and empower the next generation of young learners.


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