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Explore the transformative power of Ayurveda and nutraceuticals in cancer treatment through a scientific lens. Learn about the art of healing cancer and the significance of these holistic approaches in this enlightening article.

Pune, 21 March 2023: In recent years, amazing advancements in the study of cancer have resulted from the dedicated efforts of medical professionals and researchers. New treatments, medicines, and therapies that can either cure cancer or lengthen the lives of cancer patients have been developed as a result of innovative work. In terms of effectiveness and safety, traditional treatment modalities including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy have advanced significantly, becoming crucial weapons in the fight against cancer. Millions of patients and their families now have hope thanks to these developments, and the field’s researchers’ continuous work holds out hope for a better future.

Despite the enormous advancements achieved in cancer research, the majority of individuals still pass away from the condition, and numerous issues still need to be resolved. Drug resistance, which happens when cancer cells develop a resistance to chemotherapy treatments and make them useless, is one of the main problems. Cancer stem cells, which are capable of self-renewal and can cause metastasis and recurrence, have also been discovered as a key barrier to effective cancer treatment.

An integrative strategy that mixes conventional therapy with traditional ones may show promise as researchers continue to look for novel approaches to the problems associated with cancer treatment. Nutraceuticals, which are plant-based supplements, and the antiquated Indian medical system Ayurveda have demonstrated promise in treating issues for which conventional treatments are still being sought. The effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments as well as the general health of cancer patients may be improved by combining these traditional medicines with them.

The lead oncologist at Art of Healing Cancer, Dr. Mandeep Singh, has been keeping up with the most recent studies on conventional treatments that could be beneficial in the fight against cancer. It has been demonstrated that the onion flavonoid quercetin inhibits MDR, which is in charge of drug resistance in cancer cells. Moreover, it has been shown that Berberine, an important ingredient in the Ayurvedic medication Daru Haldi, inhibits mTOR, which is frequently overexpressed in breast cancer patients. Other other Ayurveda medications, including EGCG from green tea and Boswellia from Indian Frankincense, have also been discovered to possess strong anti-cancer qualities.

Although the potential benefits of Ayurveda and nutraceuticals in the treatment of cancer are well established, there are serious concerns about the absence of standardised clinical trials, dose information, and bioavailability data. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Ayush and Indian universities have worked to solve these issues, and progress has been achieved in this area. Art of Healing Cancer is dedicated to providing the most effective and individualised treatment options to those affected by cancer by fusing the best of both conventional and traditional therapies. Art of Healing Cancer recognises the importance of conducting their own research and investing time and effort to find the best possible solutions for patients.

“At Art of Healing Cancer, we use patient DNA and mRNA data to create a tailored approach to cancer treatment. There are times when we are unable to find medications that target the anomalies found in the patient’s DNA and mRNA data, even though we typically use conventional procedures like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. For the best outcomes for our patients in these situations, we turn to conventional medicines like Ayurveda and nutraceuticals. We can provide a thorough and individualised approach to cancer therapy by combining conventional and traditional remedies. Traditional medicine is particularly successful at potentiating conventional techniques and reducing their side effects, and conventional medicine works best to control the acute phase of the disease.

It is becoming more and more obvious that merging different therapy paradigms holds the key to improving cancer treatment as fresh insights into the disease are continually discovered. Traditional therapies like Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, and nutraceuticals have also showed promise in enhancing mainstream methods like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. The best of both worlds can be combined to provide a thorough and individualised approach to cancer care that takes into consideration the particular requirements and circumstances of each patient. As the medical community goes forward, it is crucial to continue investing in research and investigating new paths for therapy to bring hope and healing to individuals affected by cancer. 

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