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In honour of the impending Gudi Padwa holiday, one of India’s biggest Apple Premium Resellers, Maple, has announced a special deal on the iPhone 14. Customers who buy the iPhone 14 from Maple between March 15 and March 31 will receive a flat discount of Rs. 23,000 on their purchase.

Maharashtrians celebrate Gudi Padwa as a significant holiday, and Maple wants to make the event even more memorable by offering lower prices on the newest iPhone models.

The MSRP for the iPhone 14 with 512GB is currently Rs. 109,900. However, consumers can get a flat discount of Rs. 13,000 and an extra HDFC quick cashback of Rs. 4,000 by using Maple’s fast discount, making the effective price as low as Rs. 92,900.

Also, Maple is providing a special chance for clients to replace their current gadget at their physical stores or online and earn the best buyback value for the device as part of their March2Maple promotion. Moreover, a 6,000 rupee exchange incentive is available.

The iPhone 14 is discounted by a total of Rs. 23,000 after the Rs. 13,000 Maple discount, Rs. 4,000 HDFC cashback, and Rs. 6,000 in exchange incentive.

The iPhone 14 has an impressive A18 Bionic CPU, 5G connectivity, and an upgraded camera system, among other intriguing features. It also has a gorgeous Super Retina XDR display, which makes it the ideal gadget for watching films online, surfing the web, and playing games.

Take advantage of Maple’s great offer on the iPhone 14 now. Enjoy Gudi Padwa in luxury with the most recent technology available.

With best-in-class customer service and worthwhile deals, Maple has an advantage over rivals. It has physical outlets in Mumbai and Mangalore and a strong PAN India online presence. It has amassed more than half a million clients over the course of its 15 years in business, and by providing outstanding client care, it hopes to grow that number even more.

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