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The 11th edition of Quest Global Ingenium 2023 has ended in Kochi, Kerala, according to Quest Global, one of the top engineering services companies in the globe. Quest Global’s conviction that inventive engineering solutions are important in creating routes to a better future is strengthened by the contest, a platform that gives engineering students an opportunity to implement their one-of-a-kind tech solutions.

The competition featured the brightest young brains from India’s premier engineering schools. The 11th edition of Quest Global Ingenium had over 1800 submissions from all around the nation, demonstrating the broad appeal of this cutting-edge platform for budding engineers. The 11th season of the competition’s winning team was chosen by the judges to represent Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering in Hadapsar, Maharashtra. The group concentrated on EVs with many uses and developed a creative approach to make it simpler for the elderly and disabled to commute. Surana Sanyam Nilesh, Ankit Sahal, Abhinandan Jain, and Aditya Malapure made up the group.

The winning team will travel to an Alstom plant in Europe to discover cutting-edge technology and novel corporate solutions firsthand. Students will gain important industry exposure and understanding of rail signalling systems and next-generation trains through this educational tour. The students will greatly benefit from the mentorship and networking possibilities that come with this tour, as they will be able to develop partnerships and contacts that will help them advance their engineering careers.

Lakshminarayanan Ramalingam, Chief Operating Officer of Quest Global, spoke at the event and stated, “While Quest Global is in the business of designing solutions for the actual world, our true goal is to create a better future.They think that engineering has a special chance to address the issues that are currently impeding the development of tomorrow. Quest Global Ingenium is a platform that promotes engineering innovation and has the capacity to absorb ground-breaking concepts and discover solutions in a variety of industries. I would like to congratulate all of the winners at this time. It was undoubtedly impressive to see a variety of creative concepts from the youthful engineering talent.”

Said he, “They appreciate Alstom’s assistance and encouragement in making this competition a success. ” These enable us to give these young engineers hands-on learning opportunities. I’m eager to see the next generation of engineers exhibit this degree of ingenuity in the future because of our common objective of supporting innovation and giving the new talent a platform.”

The first runner-up was the team from Jain University Bangalore’s School of Engineering and Technology. They gave artificial intelligence top priority and created a project that claims to be a cutting-edge platform for identifying and stopping plant illnesses. Diksha Chakravarty, Aakash Rajaraman, Yashas S, and Nishtha Jain made up the squad. The Chandigarh University team, which concentrated on carbon emissions, placed second. For the benefit of the next generation, their endeavour will improve the air quality. Abhilash Gaurav and Abhigyan Pal made up the team.

In the past, Quest Global Ingenium has made a difference in the lives of many gifted kids by providing a route to their goals through appropriate mentoring and worldwide exposure. The competition is intended to give competitors an opportunity to interact directly with business leaders, with the goal of preparing students for the workplace. As a company, Quest Global is committed to developing talent to help solve contemporary problems in novel ways. The organisation seeks to solve the significant talent shortage in the sector by assisting the next generation of engineers in exploring their innovative side through these events.

About Quest Global

It’s Quest Global. Although they are in the engineering industry, what they are actually creating is a better future. What sets their apart is not just what they do, but also why they do it. They think that engineering has a special chance to address the issues that are currently impeding the development of tomorrow. They have worked hard for 25 years to become the most reliable partner for the most challenging engineering challenges. They are a multinational company with headquarters in Singapore, and they have 56 global delivery centers and offices. Our 17,000+ amazing workers work tirelessly to make the seemingly impossible happen every single day.

To provide end-to-end global product engineering services, Quest Global leverages its extensive industry knowledge and digital capabilities. To solve problems more effectively and quickly, they combine various technologies and industries with the knowledge of a wide range of people. They are able to address the most significant and substantial issues in the Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Rail, and Semiconductor industries thanks to this multi-dimensional approach.

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