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India’s Tech

Discover how 5G adoption is set to revolutionize India’s tech workforce, unlocking unprecedented job opportunities and driving innovation. Learn about the significant impacts on various industries and the urgent need for upskilling and reskilling in the wake of this transformative technology.

The arrival of 5G technology will change the face of the country’s workforce as bright new opportunities will be opened up for the country’s tech talent pool. Over 80% of the companies surveyed feel that 5G is going to greatly benefit the creation of jobs and upskilling, mainly in IT and the banking and financial services or BFSI sectors, a recent report by staffing company TeamLease Services said.

Transformative Potential of 5G

Based on a survey sample of over 247 firms, the report entitled ”  India’s 5G Rollout: Revolutionising the People Supply Chain ” is going deep into specifying information on how 5G will revolutionize the ecosystem for labor. The outlook of potential transformation by 5G is driven through its large investments in the space, including those by the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, which has allocated Rs 12,000 crore into the telecom sector for job creation alone.

Kartik Narayan, Staffing CEO, at TeamLease Services, was buoyant about this outlook from the lens of job creation and upskilling. “This will create the confidence to unleash the power of 5G, create unprecedented new job opportunities, fuel innovation, and transform the future.”.

Industry Impact

The adoption of 5G is anticipated to have a profound impact across various industries. According to the report:

– BFSI: 60% of respondents expect significant job creation and upskilling opportunities.

– Education and Gaming: 48% foresee notable benefits in these sectors.

– Retail and E-commerce: 46% predict substantial impacts on job growth and skills development.

On a year-on-year basis, 46% of participants anticipate job creation ranging from 61% to 80% within the first year of 5G implementation.

Promising Growth in Telecommunications

It also presents the development opportunities available to the telecommunications firms that implement 5G solutions. Indeed, it is likely that, following the modernization of networks and with the use of 5G in the fields of the Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, mobility, network infrastructure, and security, increased demand will.

Narayan highlighted the new opportunities this advancement creates: “We anticipate increased hiring for roles such as technical content writers, networking engineers, AI/ML professionals, UX designers, cloud computing engineers, cybersecurity specialists, data science, and analytical experts.”

Addressing the Demand-Supply Gap

Despite the buoyant outlook, the demand-supply gap for the industry is a whopping 28% when it comes to the telecom industry that certifies the immediacy with which holistic upskilling and reskilling needs to be undertaken. On the positive side, 88 per cent of the employees showed preferences for upskilling in what essentially sealed their desires for the acquisition of new skills in addition to their existing ones, while as many as 11.2 percent showed preferences for reskilling, thus paving the way for new talent to pour into the market.

Future Job Creation

In the long term, regarding job creation, for example, 41 percent of the respondents expect more than an 80 percent increase in jobs created due to the 5G rollout over the next three years, according to Narayan. Narayan said he expected the coming 5G rollout to yield an 80 percent increase in tech-related jobs.

The 5G rollout in India will herald a new phase of generating jobs and acquiring skills. With mass adoption, new types of roles in very many tech-dependent industries will emerge, changing the contours of how we function and mandating dedicated upskilling and reskilling programmes for workers. Very positive prospects for job creation, along with high positive bias of the existing employees towards enhancement of skills, will make India well geared to extract the maximum potential of 5G in unleashing innovation and transforming the future of India’s tech talent pool.

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