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No deadline for LPG eKYC compliance, ensuring convenience and preventing fraud, says Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, addressing consumer concerns.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has taken a very vital initiative under the Government of India by introducing eKYC via Aadhaar authentication for LPG consumers, as technology is a part that forms part of service delivery in almost every field today. This system was launched by Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri to weed out duplicate and fake accounts, hence checking the fake booking of commercial cylinders across the country. Misutorials concerned that Minister Puri assured there is no stringent deadline for completing the eKYC process, thereby easing the inconvenience likely to be caused to customers.

The Rationale Behind eKYC for LPG

The prime intention behind the eKYC initiative is to make sure that LPG subsidy and services are provided only to genuine consumers. The LPG subsidy scheme, one of the main welfare measures, was marred initially due to duplicate accounts and their unauthorized usage by commercial establishments. With the advocacy for LPG connections by Aadhaar, the government has decided to nip the malpractices in the bud so that the subsidies could be used by the category they are created for.

How it Works

LPG’s eKYC mechanism has been made simple, user-friendly, and hassle-free. At the time of delivery, the delivery executive will validate the credentials of the customer through a mobile application. The application captures the customer’s UID details; the customer gets a one-time password to complete the verification process. This way, verification is done in real time. This minimizes the possibility of fraud with no effort at all.

Those who do not want to undertake the process at the time of delivery have other options. Customers can go to their nearby showroom of LPG distributors at their convenience and get the eKYC done. The OMCs have introduced mobile applications by which customers can do the eKYC themselves. This flexibility is point No. 4 of why this initiative will not impact the everyday life of consumers.

Concerns – Related Misconceptions Queries

Though the government had good intentions, there were apprehensions and miscommunications regarding the eKYC process. In this regard, V D Satheesan, leader of the Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly, pointed out that having to carry out eKYC at gas agencies has been a cause of inconvenience to regular LPG holders. The union minister, Puri, said there would not be any compulsion for customers to go to the showrooms for eKYC, pointing out the availability of multiple channels for completing it.

This assurance by Minister Puri that there is no deadline for compliance with eKYC comes as quite a big savior for consumers. In effect, it virtually reiterates that there is a commitment on the part of the government to ensure a trouble-free transition and not hassle a genuine customer. The clarification will put to rest all voluntary congenial mustering of customers at distributor showrooms which shall cause crowding and logistical nightmares.


Giving a Pleasant Consumer Experience

To allay consumer apprehensions, OMCs are actively taking out clarifications through various media channels that the eKYC process will not be a hassle-prone or disruptive exercise at all. Both the government and refineries are leveraging technology to improve the overall consumer experience of end-consumers amid efforts to make the transition to eKYC as seamless as possible.

Also, the introduction of eKYC goes hand in hand with the broader vision of a Digital India, whereby services are increasingly being digitized and made accessible. The initiative shall bring efficiency not only to LPG distribution but also set precedence for other sectors to follow suit in digitizing verification processes.


The measure of eKYC for LPG customers has been of gigantic magnitude toward the goal of ensuring that subsidies and services reach their intended beneficiaries. By addressing the concerns and hence opening up multiple avenues to complete the eKYC process, the government has further assured consumer convenience and service integrity. In ensuring that Minister Hardeep Singh Puri is assured of no deadline for compliance with eKYC, a consumer-centric approach is shown in the sense that the government realizes the diversified needs and circumstances of its citizens. Initiatives of this nature, therefore, went on to foster transparency, efficiency, and general trust in the delivery of public services if assessed based on the increasing digitization that is sweeping across the country.

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