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“Rohit Kanubhai Solanki, a seasoned thief with a luxurious lifestyle, has been arrested by Gujarat police. Discover how he funded his Rs 1 crore Mumbai flat, Audi car, and lavish habits through a series of high-end thefts across multiple states.”

In a stunning turn of events, the Gujarat police have arrested Rohit Kanubhai Solanki, a known habitual thief whose lavish lifestyle has stunned investigators. With a record of crimes against him extending across states, Solanki was arrested last month by Vapi police for Rs 1 lakh thefts. His real-life heists were found leading to the funding of a lifestyle quite contrary to how most people envision a small-time criminal living.

The probe into his lifestyle exposed Solanki’s high spending habits. Police discovered that he resides in a more than Rupees 1 crore flat at Mumbra in Mumbai and owns an Audi car. In his confession, he has spoken about 19 robberies across the country – three in Valsad, one in Surat, one in Porbandar, one in Selwal, two in Telangana, two in Madhya Pradesh, one in Maharashtra, and one in Andhra Pradesh.
He also admitted to six more thefts in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh by way of bribery.

A Thief’s Modus Operandi

He was as classily sophisticated in his method of operation as the high life he led. In the daytime, he checked into sumptuous hotels, traveled by flights, and hired hotel cabs to do reconnaissance in different societies where he would plan out his thefts. It was a high-end lifestyle that made it easy for him to merge with affluent surroundings, never arousing suspicion while getting a lay of the land.

The Double Life

Investigations further took the police to the personal life of Solanki, who changed his name to Arhan and married a Muslim lady. This alias proved very helpful in maintaining a low profile and carrying on the criminal activities unabated. His penchant for luxury extended to social life, too; he was known to frequently visit dance bars and nightclubs in Mumbai, indulging in extravagant parties.

Addiction and Extravagance

According to police officers, Solanki had a very serious addiction to narcotics, spending about Rs 1.50 lakh a month for his habit. This must be one habit that kept fuelling his needs for continuous thefts to keep up his high-cost lifestyle.

The Rohit Kanubhai Solanki case is another quintessential instance of bringing a notorious thief to book and unraveling an unusual, extravagant lifestyle being sustained by his crimes. It goes on to show that at times, crime can support a life of luxury and challenge routine perceptions of criminal behavior.

As the investigation proceeds further, the police would now try to unravel the entire operation of Solanki and his network so that justice is delivered and the communities affected by his thefts find some closure. The story of this Gujarati ‘richie rich’ thief also serves as an equally strong pointer toward how crime, luxury, and deception can intermesh into the strangest of manners.

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