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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma’s emotional journey to the T20 World Cup final exemplifies leadership, resilience, and the human side of cricket.

In this high-voltage game of international cricket, moments of triumph often bring on torrential emotions not only from the fans but from the players too. On 27 June 2024, India broke into the final of the T20 WC after their dominating 68-run victory against England in Guyana. That was rounded off with the best performance, great strategic genius, and the poignant scene that drove home the human factor in sport. Rohit Sharma, skipper of India, found himself battling back tears outside the dressing room. It was a rare look into the emotional depth behind those eyes, which more often than not, exude composure.

Year of Trials and Triumphs

In the past year, Rohit Sharma has been through nothing more than a real rollercoaster ride. It is never easy to lead a team carrying the burden of a billion expectations. With injuries, form, and competition all going against this team, the journey to the World Cup final was never going to be easy. However, he did not give up and led his team with astute tactics and inspirational leadership.

Under his captaincy, India played fearless cricket: aggressive batting, sharp fielding, and out-of-the-box bowling strategies. This not only resurrected India’s fortunes in the T20 format but caused a sense of belief and brotherhood to be created amongst the players. This showed in the win over England in the semifinals.

The Semifinal Showdown

That semifinal battle against England itself was a game with a lot at stake. England were not going to be any pushovers, especially with that crew of explosive batsmen. India’s performance, though, was simply clinical stuff for a game of T20. First innings, posting a challenging total, all under a scintillating knock from Suryakumar Yadav and some hard-hitting efforts from the middle order.

Things fell into place when it came to bowling. With his deadly Yorkers, Jasprit Bumrah, and his sly spinning, Yuzvendra Chahal destroyed the English batting lineup. That 68-run victory meant much more than a win; it made a statement.

The Emotional Captain

To this fistful of celebrations and accolades, one small moment of introspection by Rohit Sharma sat outside the dressing room. Cricket, celebrated as the great game of uncertainties, also brings along heaps of pressure and rashes of sentimental peaks and troughs. For Rohit, this was the end result of a year of ceaseless toil, strategized planning, and unwavering resolve.

As he sat there alone, with welling eyes, it was very personal—the victory. His emotional makeup was a mix of relief, joy, and perhaps a tinge of incredulity at the journey that had brought him and the team to the threshold of glory. The situation wasn’t lost on Virat Kohli, so he couldn’t resist giving Rohit a friendly thump on the shoulder, speaking volumes of the bond and mutual respect that two stalwarts of Indian cricket share.

Final Frontier Ahead:

With the final against South Africa to be held in Barbados, there is no scope for the Indian team to rest on laurels. South Africa, too, has a set of great players, and the hunger in them to win the title will make them a very difficult opponent. But India’s journey into the finals has shown that they are made of sterner stuff.

It will be Rohit Sharma’s leadership at the final hurdle. His inspirational value and the fact that he gets the best from each of his players, which besides being a strategic player himself, could just turn out to be the difference-maker. The final isn’t just another game; it’s getting their names etched in cricketing history.


Rohit Sharma breaking up outside the dressing room was one such moment when the human side of sport does tend to get exposed. It encapsulated the sacrifices, the hard work, and the emotional investment that go into leading a team to success. As India gets ready for the big final at Barbados—for which, of course, the whole nation will keep its fingers crossed, hoping Rohit and his men can script a fairy-tale ending to their remarkable journey. Irrespective of the outcome, Rohit Sharma has already revealed that true leadership is not about the act of winning matches; rather, it is more about accepting the emotional journey that comes with it.

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