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the Hinduja group

Discover the rise and fall of the Hinduja empire. From its inception in 1914 to becoming a $20
billion global conglomerate, learn about the Hinduja family's recent legal troubles and the scandal that threatens to overshadow their legacy.

The Hinduja Group, an empire founded in 1914 by Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, a young
entrepreneur from Shikarpur, has evolved over the last century into a global business conglomerate.
With interests spanning shipping, banking, media, and real estate, the group is now valued at $20
billion, making the Hinduja family the wealthiest in the United Kingdom. The group also owns
prestigious properties like London’s Raffles Hotel and has substantial contributions to healthcare,
education, and rural development through the Hinduja Foundation.

The Four Pillars of the Hinduja Group
The legacy of Parmanand Hinduja is upheld by his four sons: Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash, and
Ashok. Each brother plays a crucial role in managing the group's vast array of businesses:
– Srichand and Gopichand: Based in London, they oversee the group's interests in Europe and
– Prakash: He manages European operations from Geneva.
– Ashok: He is in charge of the group’s ventures in India, particularly in media and communications.

Philanthropy and Contributions
The Hinduja Group's philanthropic arm, the Hinduja Foundation, has made significant strides in
healthcare, education, and rural development. Their efforts have positively impacted countless lives,
reinforcing the group's commitment to societal betterment.

Legal Troubles: A Dark Chapter
Despite their philanthropic endeavors and business success, the Hindujas have recently been
embroiled in a legal scandal that threatens to overshadow their legacy. A Swiss court has sentenced
four members of the Hinduja family to prison for exploiting their household staff at their villa in

The Trial: Disturbing Revelations
The trial unveiled harrowing details of the mistreatment faced by the staff. Workers were underpaid,
earning as little as ₹600 a day for 18-hour shifts. They were often on call without proper breaks and
were confined to the villa with their passports confiscated, effectively restricting their freedom. The
staff, paid in Indian currency, found themselves without adequate money in Switzerland, creating a
“climate of fear” around the household. Workers were also forced to sleep on mattresses in the
basement, exacerbating their dire conditions.

The Sentences
The court sentenced Prakash Hinduja and his wife Kamal Hinduja to four years and six months in
prison. Their son, Ajay, and his wife, Namrata, received four-year sentences each.
– Prakash P Hinduja: At 78, he is the Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies (Europe) and the
Advisory Board Chairman at Hinduja Bank Switzerland. He also serves on the Board of the Swiss
Indian Chamber of Commerce. Prakash joined the family business in Tehran, Iran, after completing
his university education in India.
– Kamal Hinduja: Prakash’s wife, aged 75.
– Ajay and Namrata Hinduja: Prakash and Kamal’s son and daughter-in-law, aged 56 and 50,

The Future of the Hinduja Empire
This scandal has cast a shadow over the once-illustrious Hinduja empire. As the family grapples with
the legal repercussions and the tarnishing of their reputation, the future of their global business
interests remains uncertain. The Hinduja Group's story serves as a stark reminder of the potential for
even the most venerable institutions to falter.
Despite their contributions to society, the Hindujas now face the challenge of addressing these grave
allegations and rebuilding their legacy amidst the fallout. The world watches closely as the saga of
the Hinduja family unfolds, marking a significant chapter in the history of one of the world's
wealthiest families.

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