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PRNewswire — NEW YORK, March 23, 2023 — Through Kakao Entertainment America, Kakao Entertainment revealed a new collaboration with Sony Music subsidiary Columbia Records. By utilizing Columbia Records’ unmatched knowledge of the North American music industry, this partnership hopes to broaden Kakao Entertainment’s music distribution network and strengthen its position in the global market.

The global management of IVE, one of Starship Entertainment’s rising stars, marks the beginning of the collaboration. The collaboration will support international audio distribution, local marketing, and promotion of IVE’s debut full-length album, “I’ve IVE (I Have IVE),” which will be released on April 10th. It will also support the group’s pre-release track “Kitsch,” which will be made available on March 27th.

With hits like “ELEVEN,” “LOVE DIVE,” and “After LIKE,” the K-pop powerhouse group IVE has flourished since making their début in December 2021. More than three million copies of these three singles have already been distributed collectively. Furthermore, IVE has received 74 Korean and international music awards in the short two years since the group’s debut. In addition to performing in Japan, IVE began its international operations by releasing the Japanese version of “LOVE DIVE” last year. The group intends to increase its worldwide exposure with the release of this first full-length album, particularly in North America. 

After IVE makes its North American debut, Kakao Entertainment will keep fostering the international careers of its artists while stepping up the globalization of its music company. Kakao Entertainment, in addition to Starship Entertainment, has a number of top labels as subsidiaries, including IST Entertainment, Antenna, and EDAM, as well as well-known k-pop performers. With Kakao Entertainment America at the core of the business, the company will partner with top global entertainment companies to implement a comprehensive management system to support its artists’ international tours, promotions, and album releases. It will also look for varied collaboration to grow its music investment and distribution businesses. Additionally, in cooperation with Tapas Entertainment, a North American entertainment company, Kakao Entertainment will look for synergies within its extensive IP value chain that links the music, narrative, and media industries.

We’re thrilled to be starting IVE’s global adventure with Columbia Records, a company with a rich history in pop music, said Joseph Chang, Head of Kakao Entertainment America. “We’re thrilled to be embarking on IVE’s global journey with Columbia Records, a company with a rich history in pop music. For us, this collaboration has a great deal of significance. He continued, “By enhancing our music and artist production and distribution capabilities in North America, we look forward to improving the music business of Kakao Entertainment’s worldwide competitiveness.”

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