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From left to right: Dr. Anil Gothi (VP, GVSAP); Dr. Nidhi Khurana (Head- Marketing, GVRP); Mr. Anirudh Srinivasan (CFO, GVRP); Mr. Kalyan Korisapati (Co-founder and CEO, GVRP); Dr. Choongseong Han (Founder and CEO, Nexel); Dr. Donghun Woo (COO, Nexel); Ms. Jungbin Moon (BD Head-Overseas, Nexel)

 Pune, 21 March 2023 : The famous preclinical research service provider GV Research Platform (GVRP) and Nexel, a world authority on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, have joined forces. By this collaboration, GVRP will get the right to distribute iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, and neurocytes for Nexel in India.

The fact that this alliance will advance cutting-edge technology to the forefront of research and development marks a crucial turning point for the Indian biomedical community. The development of drugs, toxicity testing, disease modelling, and regenerative medicine could all be revolutionised by iPSC-derived cells. These cells are a crucial component of the drug development process because they offer a more physiologically accurate model for evaluating the effectiveness and security of novel drugs.

Nexel’s founder and CEO, Dr. Choongseong Han, expressed his delight at working with GVRP, adding, “The partnership will enable us to reach a larger Indian audience with our state-of-the-art iPSC technology. As a world leader in iPSC technology, Nexel has set a new paradigm in the in vitro toxicity sector by successfully commercialising iPSC-derived cells that mirror human functionality, making the relationship with GVRP an important milestone in promoting biomedical research in India.”

Co-Founder and CEO of GVRP Kalyan Korisapati said, “We are thrilled to work with Nexel to introduce India to their cutting-edge iPSC-derived cells. By this agreement, we will be able to broaden our selection and give our customers access to cutting-edge preclinical research equipment. We are sure that this partnership would benefit the biomedical sector in India and further the search for effective new drugs to treat various illnesses.”

GV Research Platform (GVRP), a contract research organisation with its main office in Hyderabad, India, focuses on offering end-to-end solutions for the entire drug development process. Aiming to enable effective and cheap innovation through distinctive and tailored R&D solutions, GVRP was founded in 2020 by a special combination of scientific and life sciences infrastructure professionals. Since then, it has made significant progress towards realising its mission. Please visit for further details.

Leading authority in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology is Nexel. The cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, and neurocytes produced by Nexel are derived from iPSCs and can be used for drug discovery, toxicity testing, disease modelling, and regenerative medicine. Nexel also offers the NeXST Service, custom iPSC differentiation service, and cardiotoxicity screening service using its iPSC technology. With its main office in Korea, Nexel also operates subsidiaries there and in Australia and the United States. You may get additional information at

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