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PRNewswire — ATLANTA, March 23, 2023 — RedDrop is providing assistance to young girls going through puberty through education, services, and product donations in reaction to FL HB1069. Access to an online series is free thanks to the Atlanta-based feminine hygiene & education company for tweens. For any youth participants, the expected value of services and support is $15M. The action follows the introduction of a bill that may restrict a tween’s ability to discuss her period with her instructors and other school personnel.

The new law will have a big effect on a lot of young people. The typical age range for first periods ranges from 8 to 14 years old, and 67% of American girls will begin having periods at school, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

RedDrop co-founder and seasoned elementary school teacher Dana Roberts said, “With the introduction of FL HB1069, Florida is setting a dangerous precedent and creating a landscape that unquestionably does not protect the health and wellness of our young girls.” “I recently had a student who started her period but didn’t comprehend what was happening to her body, crying in the restroom as she thought she was going to die. RedDrop was developed to assist young females in this process by educating and informing them. They require assistance and instruction, not political rhetoric.

According to the most recent US Census, there are roughly 418,000 Florida females between the ages of 8 and 11 who could gain an advantage from RedDrop’s introductory series.

As a lifelong educator, Ms. Roberts has seen firsthand how a young girl’s self-esteem and academic performance can suffer from being unprepared for a time. Without preparation, girls may miss five to ten hours of class per month, falling behind their classmates. RedDrop also claims, with substantial evidence, that the advantages for young girls going through puberty include improved body image and a better grasp of how the female body functions.

This kind of instruction is essential, and it must begin early, said Roberts in a society where women must have control over their bodies. “Our ultimate goal is to offer our expertise and products to young women and families everywhere, in addition to supporting tweens in Florida.”

In 2020, a doctor and an educator established RedDrop with the goal of empowering and educating tweens who were transitioning into womanhood. The company’s training programs follow a non-sexual, non-reproductive philosophy. A tween attending the classes will gain a better understanding of why she gets her period, discover all the healthy choices available to her to manage the process and learn the most effective ways to use safe products.

RedDrop urges worried Floridians to get in touch with their local representatives, including those on the Education Quality Subcommittee, and voice their support for tweens’ health, well-being, and education.

For more information, or to request support for your school or organization, please visit

The RedDrop – Tween Hygiene Products

RedDrop Inc., a feminine hygiene company with headquarters in Atlanta, empowers tweens. RedDrop is an organization dedicated to educating and supporting tweens and their families while providing the best products for their bodies. It was founded by the doctor and educator team of Monica Williams and Dana Roberts and debuted in the midst of the COVID pandemic. RedDrop has more than 50,000 happy customers and is quickly becoming the preferred brand for adolescents with the aim of developing into a fully-fledged feminine hygiene line as a result of this significant customer base. Visit for more details about RedDrop.


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