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/PRNewswire/ — Shanghai, March 23, 2023 — Source-grid-load hydrogen storage is part of a multi-energy complementary strategic deployment that Shanghai Electric (SEHK: 2727, SSE:601727) is pushing. Through innovation, creation, industrial digital intelligence upgrades, and applications, the business seeks to advance the “integration of wind, water, heat, storage,” and “source-grid-load hydrogen storage integration.” This strategic framework will take into account the development objectives of medium- and long-term zero-carbon society building as well as an immediate stable energy supply.

The scope and effect of deep decarbonization are constrained by the frequent fragmentation of transformation measures in the absence of an all-encompassing and methodical plan. Leng Weiqing, the chairman of Shanghai Electric Group, went into great depth about this in her proposal during the 2023 “Two Sessions.” “To form a unified front for carbon reduction, we should remove policy barriers between energy providers and industrial entities and expedite the development of a system and mechanism to reduce carbon emissions among them.”

Shanghai Electric is collaborating with industrial organizations in Asia, China, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and other nations and regions to hasten the implementation of its strategic plans.

China’s offshore wind energy

Shanghai Electric Wind Power, which has collectively produced 7.05 GW of clean energy over the last three years, recently topped the list of new offshore wind power installations in China, claiming the top spot in the sector for the eighth straight year. As a result of ensuring and verifying the complete safety and reliability of the system design, its involvement in the development of China’s first floating offshore wind power and fishery farming integrated equipment research and demonstration project recently won the floating wind power technology innovation award at the 7th New Energy Power Plant Design and Equipment Selection Seminar. Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group participated in the Datang Nan’ao Lemen Offshore Wind Power Project, which recently revealed that it attained full generation beyond design, concluding. 

International solar energy initiatives

The Dubai Solar Thermal Photovoltaic Project, built in collaboration with ACWA Power, has reached a crucial stage of development. It will serve as a significant environmental project for the United Arab Emirates hosting of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at the end of 2023 and will allow both parties to continue their future cooperation in the Middle East in low energy consumption areas like solar energy. The initiative is a turning point for both parties as they work together to advance solar, wind, hydrogen, and other low-energy-consumption and new energy sources in the Middle East. Additionally, the 91.54 MW solar project in Brasov, Romania’s Palau County, was just started. The 91.54 MW PV plant’s operation and maintenance (O&M), design, building, and commissioning are all covered by the contract. The project has so far finished the preliminary layout, entry roads, and cable design as well as the signing of purchase orders for key equipment parts like brackets and inverters.

Construction of source-grid-load-storage hydrogen integration and multi-energy linkage is currently in progress, with future directions planned.

A viable, low-carbon energy system must integrate hydrogen and multiple energy sources. While hydrogen integration incorporates hydrogen into the energy system, multi-energy coupling combines a variety of energy carriers and systems. In order to implement these strategies, countries engage in smart grids, energy storage, renewable hydrogen production, and infrastructure. The objective is to improve energy security, reliability, sustainability, and economy while lowering emissions. The transition to a sustainable energy system can be greatly aided by continued investment.

The Shanghai Electric

Dedicated to smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, and the integration of digital intelligence, Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited (SEHK: 2727, SSE:601727) is a leading worldwide provider of industrial-grade eco-friendly smart system solutions. Shanghai Electric will work to be a leader in the pursuit of to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060, new energy equipment production, and high-end equipment localization, utilizing the limitless opportunities in an innovative industrial ecosystem along with international partners. Shanghai Electric will put focus on low-carbon development and digital transformation by opening up new arenas and promoting new growth drivers.

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