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PUNE, India, 21 Mar: With the goal of enabling 10 million girls to complete the 10th grade in 10 years, Educate Girls is launching Project Pragati. For adolescent girls and young women who have dropped out of school, it is a flexible approach to secondary education that reintroduces them to the classroom through the government-run open school system.

Programmatically, Project Pragati combines human-centric, empathic thinking with digital aid. At the centre of the programme is a Prerak, a kind adult from the neighbourhood who identifies young girls and women who have dropped out of school permanently, enrols them in an open school, and assists them in studying for exams by holding learning camps in the villages.

The “Second Chance at Learning” Approach: An Innovative Approach

A 10th-grade diploma in India has a lifetime wealth benefit of $60,000, per study. Yet, the number of teenage girls who are not in school has considerably increased since the Covid-19 Epidemic. With haste, Educate Girls has moved forward to offer a quick fix for this.

Safeena Husain, the founder and board member of Educate Girls, explains that 2022 was about progress and advancing the organization’s ambitious aim of educating every girl in India. Our goal with Project Pragati is to give young women who have no possibility of attending school a second chance at education and the opportunity to enhance their own lives.

“A second shot at school, in our opinion at Educate Girls, is an opportunity to advance. Through Pragati, our goal is to influence a million students annually. Starting this year, our attention will be on catalysing an entire ecosystem in order to bring about such a change on a population level scale. We are quite enthusiastic about the future “Geetika Higgins, the project manager for Pragati, shared.”

ABOUT EDUCATE GIRLS: Educate Girls is a non-profit organisation that focuses on encouraging communities to support girls’ education in rural and underserved areas of India. Educate Girls currently runs successfully in more than 20,000 villages in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with the government. Educate Girls works with a large number of community volunteers to locate, enrol, and keep out-of-school females while also enhancing the fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities of all kids (both girls and boys).

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